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London is one of the world's leading cities and South London is a key and significant part of the Capital. South London as a region has a larger population than the combined area of Amsterdam, Dublin, Oslo and Frankfurt; 75,000 businesses provide work for over 2.8 million people and generate 6% of the UK’s GDP.

South London Business is a partnership between the 2 key business organisations in South London, the South London Economic Development Alliance (SLEDA) and the South London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SLCCI). Both organisations share the same aims and by joining forces operate more effectively, providing better services to the South London business community.

SLEDA is a private-sector-led economic development company set up in April 1999 to provide business leadership in South London. SLEDA works with both the private and public sectors to produce, promote and deliver economic development strategies and benefits for the sub-region. SLEDA has lobbied strongly for a better deal for business and been a powerful influence in the London transport debate.

SLCCI was established in 1997 in response to proposals for a London Wide Chamber of Commerce with a sub-regional chamber between that body and the 30 or so individual chambers in the Capital. SLCCI provides a co-ordinated a voice for the nine Chambers of Commerce and their 4000 members in South London.

South London Business:

  • Lobbies pan-London bodies to represent and promote South London’s business interests – e.g. responding to gaps in the Mayor’s London Plan. (You can download a copy of our response to the Draft London Plan on our Press Release page. South London Business is also developing policies and strategies on workforce development, commercial property development, transport and tourism.

  • Is the official agency for promoting South London and attracting new investment into the region - working with London First Centre and other sub-regional agencies. For more information on our inward investment services click here or contact Becky Price our Inward Investment Advisor.

  • Works closely with key South London businesses to ensure that they remain and prosper in South London by keeping up to date with important business issues and helping companies to resolve local problems.

  • Improves the local infrastructure for businesses by working with the South London Boroughs on the development of

    - suitable sites for commercial use including incubator units
    - sector networks and supply chains
    - improved transport routes
    - a Science Park for South London
    - an Innovation Centre for South London

South London Business keeps in regular touch with the business community through its own database of key companies and through the 4000 members of the nine Chambers south of the River.

For more detail on South London events, please click here.

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